keep free range chickens from leaving


6 Years
Apr 10, 2013
I am just getting started in free ranging chickens. I have a few around the house now they go back in there coop at night. My question is if I have about 50 new chickens, and I put them in a different run then my old chickens. How do I keep them all from leaving overnight, do I clip all of their wings?
You will need to shut your new chicks up in the coop you want them to live in. They will need to stay locked for atleast 3 to 5 days. Your new chicks will need to be introduced slowly to your present flock. There will be a lot of pecking order arranging, but it will get worked out and maybe noone will get hurt too bad. I have 2 small girls I am blending now. We keep them in a pen inside the coop with the others. during the day, we let them out with the big chicks, under supervision. It went pretty wel today, lots of running, squaking but not any damage. Manly just 4 tired fat laying hens. If you have to clip wings, only clip one. This will upset the flying ablilty. We have to clip one or ours, none of the others even try. I did not understand (I put them in a different run then my old chickens) do you have 2 runs and coops? If you do that will be good. Your 2 flocks should mingle when outside and return to their house each night. good luck and happy chicky day

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