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Jun 9, 2016
Ballston Spa N.Y
So we had to hens go broody.they have successfully incubated and hatched all the chicks but 2. They left the eggs so I'm incubating them myself. They have a few days left. I have no issues dping this as I've raised dozens. The last chick to hatch was about a day or so after the others and she's tiny. She's a bantam. Well half bantam(mom) half silkie. Not sure if both parents need to be bantams. Anyway that's another story. We have two hens. Their kind of sharing the chicks. They run back and forth between the two. And the hens are inseparable so I'm guessing this may be normal mother behavior. My bantam seabright is now pecking the heck out of this poor baby. Obviously she's not excepting it. My australorp(the other momma)seems to be ok around her, but I'm going to raise her myself anyway. My question is. Should I bring all the chicks in to raise together. Or leave this chick to fend for itself once it's old enough to join the flock. I have "two" flocks now. Some girls younger than the rest who kind of stick to themselves. I don't really like the idea of seperate groups. Especially if one of the groups is going to be a single hen. And a bantam at that.She's got no chance in the pecking order correct? What should I do?
Was hoping some one else was going to reply, but since not, I will offer my opinion. I would not separate her by herself because she would be lonely. I would try to make some places she can escape to inside the runs so she can get away from being bullied. If she can fit into something but the others cannot, that would give her a place to hide if she needs to ... but don't make it a "dead end" ... have an entry and exit. Just put some stuff in the run so she can run around it, over it, or jump up on.
Thanks for the reply. I've been waiting as well. I guess the heading wasn't attractive enough for responses lol. I ended up putting her in the coop over night. She made it through the night but was clearly stressed and scared the next morning. I decided to brood her indoors. We had one more hatch and expecting another within the next day or so. So loneliness isn't my concern. Introducing them to the flock will be. But like I said above we have a few generations together already. So we'll keep an eye on them in the future.

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