Keeping a hanging waterer from freezing


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Sep 4, 2013
This is my first year to winter chickens. I'm very concerned. I live in central Oklahoma, so the winters aren't sub zero often. Just terrible wind and ice. How do I keep their hanging waterer from freezing? Do I need to heat their coop with a heat lamp? Any advice is very appreciated.
Look on YouTube for how to make a cookie tin heater just a 40 watt light bulb plugged into a thermocube, you won't be able to hang it but easy for the winter.
Here's an article a BYC member made on the cookie tin water base heater.

This is the plastic heated waterer I use for winters here in northern New Hampshire.

These can be a pain to refill and the plastic can't stand up to sunlight so I only use it come freezing weather.

And lastly this is the metal waterer heated base you can purchase online or at your local farm supply store. It's the comercial equivalent to a cookie tin heater you make. And like the cookie tin they are only for the metal water dispensers not plastic.
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Thanks everyone. I think I will try out the fish aquarium heater. I have one of those.
One point to make with the cookie tin waterer.................. You can get all the parts for a couple bucks at any Goodwill store! They always have cookie tins for under $1 and you can find the cheapest lamp they sell and gut it for the parts!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's one I made this spring that I will use this winter.


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