Keeping cat away from poultry?


Aug 14, 2016
Limon, CO
Are there any suggestions for keeping a cat away from my poultry? I have turkey poults in a 2x4 and poultry wire pen in my loafing shed. At a week old, a cat pulled one through the wire and carried it off so I lined the inside with cardboard so the cat couldn't reach in. Now at almost four weeks old I found one between the cardboard and wire half eaten with cat tracks on the outside of the pen. I caught the cat in a live trap last night and my wife doesn't want me to kill it, but can't find anyone to take it off our hands. I don't mind it hanging around keeping mice and rabbits away from my hay and feed shed, but I can't let it kill my birds. Any suggestions as to how we can all coexist together?

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