keeping chickens in county but in suburb

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    O.k So I will start out by saying Under county codes, I can't have a chicken unless I have an 1 acre. But i own 2 lots just under just a little under an acre so I thought I'm going to try this and take my chances. I have had 3 girl pullets almost a month,,,,,,, and 2 laying hens almost a year old I've had 2 weeks now . The Barren Rock has layed an egg every day. The australorp has not.

    They have their own yard that is 6 foot privacy fence on the side. Today the year old australorp that I bought just started clucking at the top of her lungs for almost 30 minutes straight. She has yet to lay an egg for me.

    So she's going on and on and my Barren Rock started in with her too. To say the least now the whole neighborhood has to know I have them, and 2 were outside working in their yards.

    I went and made small talk with them though and they didn't say a word about them. (thank god)

    To my question. Do you think the all of a sudden clucking loudly sound means she is in need of laying an egg and thats why the other one started in too? I am just wondering because They have never been this loud. And thank god Mr. groucho behind me isn't home or I Might be in big trouble.

    any advice on whats going on , thanks.
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    If she's a 'barren' rock she won't lay any eggs. [​IMG]

    I think you mean Barred Rock?

    Either way, some hens are just louder than others. Some of mine 'announce' that they are getting ready to think about sort of going into the box, then announce again they are IN the box, then announce again if anyone gets too close, then way MORE noise when they actually lay.

    Others I rarely hear a peep out of them.

    If the noise is a real problem the only fix I know is to get rid of the offender. And yes, they will pick up bad habits from each other sometimes.

    Your neighbors should be glad - you could be running a dog breeding business and they could be hearing dogs barking all night and day.

    A few min here and there during DAYLIGHT hours of a chicken cackling isn't so bad...
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    Lots of people on the boards have chickens & aren't supposed to. Those people are probably the best neighbors anyone could ever have b/c I bet that they follow every OTHER rule & are SUPER friendly in order to avoid getting caught & turned in.

    So, follow their lead: bribe the neighbors with free eggs & always be there to lend a hand. You never know when you'll need a chicken sitter when you're out of town!

    Remember: you can pick your friends, but you probably can't pick your neighbors' noses.

    Ummmm... wait a sec, that's wrong, I think...

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