Keeping chickens off the deck


7 Years
Jun 11, 2012
Pope County, Arkansas
So, this may be a little silly, but I have to ask. I have a deck with stairs at my back door that leads into the backyard. Everything is enclosed in a large privacy fence. The chickens live here, and it's the only place they can because of predators everywhere else. I like them here, but is there some trick you use to keep chickens from going into a certain area? All the time they are at my back door wanting treats. It was cute at first, but now they are always pooping on it and pecking at the door. Rotten birds. Do they have an aversion to any smells, or textures on their feet? Could I do something to this deck that would make them not want to be on it all the time? Thanks!


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6 Years
Apr 23, 2013
I use a garden squirter filled with water and i squirt them gently if they do something or go sonewhere i dont want them to and all it does is suprises them they learn after a few times of doing this for a couple of days
Hope that helps and good luck

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