Keeping ducks safe?

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    Sep 4, 2013
    (This is the first time our ducks and chickens have lived through fall, so we don't know how to winter...)

    It's supposed to get well below zero where I live tonight. We have chickens, goats, and two ducks. The goats are in the barn, and the ducks and chicks normally live in a shed nearby. Because it's going to get so cold tonight, we are putting the birds in the barn with the goats, and a barn-heater-thingy-ma-bob. The chickens will all go into the rafters to roost, but I'm worried about the ducks. They don't fly, are ...lets say 'clumsy' on land, and if any raccoon or anything was hungry, well, they are sitting ducks. Litterally. Normally when they are in the shed they are fine, but the barn has gaps around the bottom big enough for things to get through.
    How do we keep the duck from being the next meal of a raccoon looking for warmth?

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    Put plenty of bedding in your near by shed and lock them up, don't put them where a raccoon can find them or the chickens. Raccoons climb and chickens go into a trance after dark once roosting it won't matter how high they are for a climbing raccoon. As long as they are out of the wind and have plenty of ventilation around the top of the shed for hot air and ammonia gases to be released they should be fine. make sure any hole for ventilation or windows have half inch hardware cloth over them. Not only do you have to worry about raccoons but there are also mink weasel and other preds who will find what you described as a sitting duck.
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