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Jun 18, 2009
Hi- I'm new to the forum and new to chickens! I'm raising 3 chicks, and I want to be sure to raise the girls in a manner that keeps the neighbors happy. Any suggestions on keeping the neighbors happy about chickens nearby? Hens only, of course.
Give away free eggs occasionally!!
Make sure your coop looks decent, and the area is clean. I would also make sure it is as far away from their house as it can be. Keep in mind that you may NOT be able to make your neighbors happy, in which case you'll just have to take the "tough luck" attitude. If you are in an area that allows for them, that's precisely what it is.

You'll find lots of info and ideas on this fun friendly forum!
Also, keep your chickens home, do not let them wander and scratch in the neighbors yards. Are you in town?
I'm in a town, but it's a friendly college town, and my yard has a 6' 'privacy' fence. What's the best way to minimize flies and odor?

Thanks for the help!
You can try using DE in their food and also their coop. If you feed it, the fly larvae cannot hatch in the manure. When you sprinkle it in their coop it will control the odors and insects. Great stuff! Also, you can use a product called Stall Dry from TSC in the coop too.
This is an awesome site to learn from!
yup, i'd say keep everything as pretty as possible, with a good paint job, and the run cleaned up, and if you can some flowers would also look nice

Good luck with your neighbors, and the chickens, & welcome to BYC!!!

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