Keeping Sheep and Turkeys Together?

Feb 18, 2021
Hi I'm just wondering if it's possible to keep turkeys and sheep together? For now we only have one lamb, but in the future we plan on breeding sheep. We keep Pinto (our lamb) in the back pasture with our free range chickens and guineas already, but the turkeys we are thinking of raising would be kept in the same pen (as the sheep) at night. Is this a bad idea? If not, is there anyone who has done this before who could kindly share some advice? :)
Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!
Also here's some photos of cutie Pinto:

Awe I miss my lamb. Whatever you do, do not use peppermint oil as a fly repellent around them.
I kept sheep and chickens together without a problem for a while. Only problem was with a ram but it wasn't related to the chickens. Ive heard that the birds help keep the parasites down.
I don't believe you'll have issues. The only thing to check would be copper in the poultry feed if the sheep get into it on a long term basis. Here's a link describing sheep and copper. That said, I'm not sure how much copper is typically in poultry feed and I'm too lazy to walk out and look. :)

Other than the copper issue I think it would be individual birds/sheep that don't get along. One of our calves chases the chickens, it's a first for us.

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