Keeping smell down in run


7 Years
Apr 9, 2012
We live in New England - so there's lots of weather - sometimes all in a week. Where the run is there's lots of run off from the rain. So there's a bit of erosion we're tackling. In addition - its overlooking the neighbor's yard ( the proper, legal distance) but I still don't want the wind to blow into their yard and ruin a bbq - good neighbors and all that.

Right now there's the dirt floor (very often mud) and then the straw I throw down that's leftover from the coop. But it gets turned in very quickly and we're back to muddy bottoms.

What can I throw down on the run floor to help it drain or to keep it more on the dry side? I kinda liked the compost-y direction it was going in until I realized that it carries an odor that way.
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Barn Lime spread over the worst places helped a lot with the smell. As far as draining---the yard has to be higher than the surrounding area to drain away. If you put mulch in a wet hole, you will have some wet mulch in a wet hole.

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