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    Dec 30, 2016
    So i posted a little while back on keeping the pullets out of the nest box and i think i have an idea i wanted to run past the experts.. i can remove the floor or the nest box and that would solve the problem... issue is there is a big hole in the floor of the roost.. pics attached of both configurations... thoughts??[​IMG]
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    I am not understanding what you are saying but the PIX you posted are not good examples of nest boxes.
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    So you basically just removed the nests?
    Where will they lay, did you make other nests somewhere else??

    I would leave the flooring in and make nests elsewhere.
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    Why do you want to keep the pullets out of the nests? Unless they're sleeping in the nests, daytime exploration of nests is a necessary rite of passage as pullets learn the location and purpose of the nests and become familiar with them.

    If they're sleeping in the nests, this also is a common thing. Most of us old timers simply block the nests off at night for a few nights, unblocking them in the morning, until they habit becomes forgotten.

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