Keeping them quiet? (Quickly)

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by ChickadeeAnya, Feb 22, 2017.

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    Hello, first time owner of chickens here! I'm fourteen so I can't argue with my parents and win the arguement... They really don't like my chickens. The main problem is that they're noisy. My neighbors complain and my parents don't want to be sued. They say that they'll let me keep one. I know that's not very good so I'm going to have to give them all away (I have three). They get really noisy in the morning and I'm smarter then trying to give them treats... How do you keep them quiet?
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    Keep them in the coop in the dark until nine or ten. Do you know why they're being so noisy? Is it just the egg song? Are these hens or roosters? Hens usually aren't loud enough for long enough to garner noise complaints which is why I'm asking.

    You're right, keeping one wouldn't be good so if you do have o give them away giving them all away is best.
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    Do you live in an area where chickens aren't allowed? You are right to respect your parents' decision and not argue. Good for you also in realizing that it's kinder for your chickens to keep them together rather than have a single one.

    That depends on the bird. Some of my hens are chatty all day long, and not quietly chatting, either. It may also depend on how close the neighbors are, and if where OP lives is even zoned to have chickens.

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