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Apr 15, 2020
I have read horror stories about chickens getting mites and lice. I have a 6 month old flock of chickens. I clean the pens regularly. What else can I do to keep the bugs away.


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Try to keep them away from strange chickens to lessen the chance of an infestation. Check them regularly and treat if you see an infestation. Checking them from the roost at night is usually a good time, they are easier to catch that way.

I've gone over over ten years without any mites or lice, some of that is luck. As Sour said, wild birds can spread them but it's not a given.


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Good advice above.
I'll add.....
Have some permethrin spray and dust on hand.
Examine them regularly, once a month maybe.

My Bug Check notes:
Have you checked them over real well for mites and/or lice?

Google images of lice/mites and their eggs before the inspection so you'll know what you're looking for.

Part the feathers right down to the skin around vent, head/neck and under wings.

Best done well after dark with a strong flashlight/headlight, easier to 'catch' bird and also to check for the mites that live in structure and only come out at night to feed off roosting birds.

Wipe a white paper towel along the underside of roost to look for red smears(smashed well fed mites).

Good post about mite ID by Lady McCamley:

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