Keeping water from freezing in Goat water troughs Help!

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    Good Morning!

    I am new to goats, just started this summer with my herd and all 6 are under a year old. Last night the temps dropped down to 26 degrees and our water frozen both goat pens. I am trying to find the best solution as running an electrical cord is not an option since my American Staffordshire Terrier WILL chew up the cord. I have been looking at battery powered filters but I don’t know a lot about that. I also was looking at the hacks with old tires and a container inside of them...I’m leaning towards this idea as I have 4 old tires laying around so I could make 2 sets of these types of water troughs. Ideas and suggestions please?
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    Solar heating is what you are shooting for. Low tech solar heating involves what you're thinking about - black water vessels that both absorb solar radiation during the day, and insulation to help hold that heat overnight.

    Another slick way to heat water with solar, but more high tech, is to use a storage tank located in all-day sun, painted black to absorb solar radiation, and have a float valve on the water vessel to auto-fill.

    Google solar hot water heater for various ways to set it up using an old discarded water heater or similar sort of tank.
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    We just bash out the ice and refill with fresh water once or twice a day. Other times I add hot water to the buckets with ice to make warm water.
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    Thank you for the info and suggestions!
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    I haul out warm water twice a day. Goats really don't drink much water. I use a rubber livestock bowl and kick out the ice. :frow

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