Keet can't walk. What should I do to help.


12 Years
Mar 9, 2011
Grover, NC
This keet is 3 days old, I hatched them myself. He has never been able to stand. take a look at the video. Any suggestions on how to help this little guy is appreciated.
Hi there,
That looks like Spraddle Leg to me. Here is a link to the treatment:

Hope your keet gets better!
After you brace up his legs you will have to help him learn how to walk, so you'll be picking him up quite a bit for a couple days and putting him on his feet. Make sure that you use bedding in the brooder that gives good traction so he can keep his feet under him... rubberized shelf liner works great, old towels with no loose strings and even rough textured paper towels like Brawny work good too. Just make sure it's not newspaper, that's the worst. Fine shavings are also bad because the keets will eat them and can become impacted and die.

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