Keets with egg yolk still out


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6 Years
Jun 3, 2013
He hatched himself out a day early and there's a little bit of the egg yolk still out it's not bad but I'm scared to put him with the others -fear of them pecking it or it get crushed and die- so any pointers? I don't know this is my first time hatching guineas and I've raised hundred of chicks and a bunch of ducks and peacock but never had a problem with this..

Plus I've got 2 lavender ones with curled feet and they won't open up like they should
I just went to put him in there to get water and some food and the oldest (he hatched a week and a half ago ran up trying to peck the yolk sac.... I've had one where it tried to hatch a couple days early and it had like an inch radius of egg yolk and it crushed and died I don't want that to happen to this one
I just had one hatch out like this. I never have before. Mine looks a bit worse than hers. I am not positive it is all yolk, but I hope so. It is eating and drinking... so I guess we will wait and see. Best of luck to you and yours.

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