Kelishan Trilogy:The Beginning of the End ~By Miss Heny~ chap 2 1/2 up!

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This story, all the names, species, and all the places in this story i own, do not copy, or steal this idea, if so. i will hunt you down and report you.

Kelishan Trilogy: The Beginning of the End

Once, long ago in a Galaxy far away there was a race of aliens called the Kelishans. They were a proud race, peaceful until provoked, and then other races did provoked them, they were destroyed.

Now, unlike the young races, they were immortal, only to be killed in battle,the Old Sickness, or the deadly winter which comes every thousand years.

On the dawn of there golden age, when there was peace among the casts. Even the royal Warrior cast and the Royal religion cast were at peace, even rumors were spreading that the casts might marry the prince and princess of the casts to bring them together. Then the day of darkness came, when the Sheaks (she-AK) attacked, on the day of rest and peace a war was started, and blood was spilled.

Chapter one

the Beginning

*in the eyes of a Half-breed*
Part 1

in the Year of 1600 of the human year, I was born in the heat of a war, my name is Lekeya (Lee-KE-ya ), meaning "the One who is gifted but cursed" i am a half breed, a child of a Sheak and a Kelishan, i was banished from my cast.

It was a the day of rest for most people but the warriors, i was able to find some money to buy some food, when the village was invaded, the horde of Sheaks on there deadly Tekongs (Te-KONGs), what looks like to be a cross with a tiger and a horse, but as big as a draft horse, were heading down the village main road. With there black skins, snake like eyes that were a startling blue in color, there hair colors varies from white to a dark grey, unlike the Kelishans who have dark blue skin, snow white eyes with no Iris, and the colors of hairs were of dark black, to a beautiful shade of red. The scream of horror filled the village, i ran, scared for my life, to the forest, many other villager follow, when the sound of our ships could be heard.

*in the eye of a Warrior Princess*
part 2

My name is Melisha, I was born 100 years before the war, my mother was the first killed in this war, and I will make sure that every one of the Sheak die for it.

I was training my younger brother control his gift, like me he could Telaport, a rare gift among the Kelishan, but he couldnt control it when the dreaded sirens gone off, i quickly brought him inside and telaported to the war room, "which village is being attacked" I demanded, every time they attack, they get closer and closer to the Capital, Tezona. one of the generals, one i seem to always forget his name "Miady, they are attacking the lower worker casts villager nearest to here" I nodded glumly, I wanted to curl into a small ball and hide, cry and mourn still for my mother, I must be strong, for my young brother sakes, and my fathers.

I quickly got into my battle armor and head to the ships, ready to blow those Sheaks into smithereens, I would of rather fought hand to hand, but my father wont let it. we quickly head off, something still made me sick.

Soon we were there, already many of the houses were burning, the trees that were bend into the houses were in flames, this village was gone, we had no chose but to use the cannons, we were to slow again, i had to stay calm and not show my feelings, I heard the words escaped from my mouth "target the middle of the village, and lets pray that most of the villagers escaped alive" I heard a female voice say "yes mam" the sound of the weapons charging filled my ears, and the boom from when we hit the village, another gone, because we were slow, the Sheaks seem to be getting past our scanners, but how? And have we done to them to provoke them to start a war with us? why?

*in the eyes of a Religion prince*
Part 3

I am son to the Late Tenzor and now regent till I am the age to rule, Lezona, my name is Rojon.

I hate being a prince, and right now, I hate every thing. Being a prince means I must have guards, and now that there is a war i cant go and see the children, which are rare on Himeleya. I hate not being able to rule too, all I am aloud to do is pray, pray, and oh, more praying.

But today, Today I was able to go to the stables, to see my crystal mare, Senola, meaning "Fast one". I went out there carefully, number one because of the bloody guards, number two because there could be assassins waiting to kill me. Once i was through the garden i was hit with a sudden force of rock "Senola!" I yelped, trying to get her to stop messing with my hair, which took way to long to fix. I sigh and gave up, right when I was about to pet her, the sirens went off, the stable hands quickly put her away, and I was taken back to the temple, and now I sit looking in a mirror, trying to control the small ball of fire in my hand, but my mind keeps on wandering to the days of peace, to the days were i could walk among the people freely, with out worry, and now, I wonder, will i every have have the freedom again? I sigh and waits for the sirens that tell us it is okay to go out of the temple, but that length in between them is getting longer and longer, and I am starting to lose hope that we will ever win this war.

*in the eyes of a Lesha *some one with NO powers, but is still immortal* *
Part 4

my name is Dezon, my father and mother was killed long ago, and I have lived on my own.

I very much have half the mine to work for the Sheaks, be a spy, since there is no work for Kelishans like me, ones with no powers, or "gifts" as they call it, I call it their way to act like we are worth nothing, we may have no powers, but who cares? Gah.

Today I was out hunting for some food, hoping to not be found by a Gergonsha, a giant meat eating turtle, the stories of how they kill still creep me out. As i was tracking some sort of deer, i heard the screams, so many screams for mercy, the Sheak were attacking. I knew if I dont run now, i would die, to join them you must go to them and not when they are on a raid. I quickly head to the caves, the only place that is safe in raids.

*flash back*

Dezon was running, running for his life, he was holding on a piece of fabric, his father told him to run, run to the caves, he didnt want to leave his mother, but when the Sheaks appeared, their long, jagged daggers in their hands, the eyes were cold, and blood hungry, his mother promise that it will be okay, and got him out, then the screams as the Sheak killed his parents start to ring in his ears, tear stream to his eyes as he ran. The rocks were slippery on the way up to the caves, he goes as high as he could, then climbs into the smallest cabe he could fit, and sat there, crying.

chapter 2

part 1 of chapter one

I walk thro the gardens my mother use to grow, now it is over grown. She was able to bend the plants to her while, but now she is dead and no one else in our clan could do it, So much blood shed since her death.

I stopped, some one was following me, and I knew who it was "Gethara, you are still ticked about who was chosen as the heir, arnt you?"
A small rat like thing scurries up, and tranforms into my older brother, he has long bright red hair, yep, he was ticked. "You think?" he bares his fangs at me, most people cowards at the sight of him, but me? I just rolled my eyes

"I am the eldest, I should of became heir, why did he see in you, other then you are a frail woman" he growled, towering over me.

"A, if I was a frail woman, then why do I command over 30 war ships? Ones that could destroy yours in a matter of seconds" I said calmly, not going to please him by going off "We all know why anyway, remember your betroth?"

He wince, every one in the empire knows what happened about him and his betroth.

part 2 of chapter 2

I sat in my late sister room, the sorrow was still in me, that so called warrior prince, Gethara, should die for what he did to her.

The sound of shouting still filled my ears, and the screams as my sister called for help as Gethara out of rage killed her. It was the day she told him he was betroth to her. Every one in the empire knew he loved a Lesha, a none gifted one.

I was the first to see the room, the place was destroyed, and he was still holding my sister, by the neck as she takes her last breath, I ran and tried to stopped him, but the next thing I knew a healer was taking care of me, and my sister body being taken away and Gethara being let free, that day I vowed to hate all warriors, till i meet Melisha....

part 3 of chapter 2

I quickly walk to my small cove, the mud seething between my toes. My mother use to live her, but she was killed after I was the age of 100 because of her love of a Sheak.

As I walk I listened for the birds I so dearly loved, but they were gone, Since the village was destroyed many animals have fled to the safety of the mountains, like many of the villagers, only the Leshas and me, A halfbreed.

I quickly walk into my cove, listening to the water as it laps on the edge of the right side of the opening, and head all the way to the back, to the Lesha boy i found nearly dead near here. I quickly pulled out what herbs I found and mixed up what I could remember that could heal, and carefully gave it to him

Children are rare for the Kelishans, even Lesha ones are cherish, but the halfbreds. But I didn't care, like me he lost his parents, and I wont kill him for what he is, unlike many Lesha have tried to do, every since I was born i walked my steps lightly and kept my eyes on every things and listened for the slightly sounds, but they all knew to stay away from me when I around water.

part 4 of chapter 2

I waited for my uncle to come back from hunting.

The time seemed to go n for every, has it been a hour, or a day? the ash was still raining from the sky, and the smell of burning Kelishan stilled filled the air, and the smell of burning meat could be smelled for miles.

Unlike Sheaks, and the younger races Kelishans are plant base life forms, and are the only ones, many of the other races don't know, and it is for a good reason, if they did? it is to horrible to think about.The sound of foot steps echo in the cave, I look at the form, it wasn't my uncle, I quickly grabbed my tekonsha, a curve, ridged sword, something that could cut the Sheak hid like it was butter. As the form got closer I hid behind a boulder and waited....

Chapter 3

part 1 of chapter 3

As I sat in my late sister rooms my mind wander off thinking about Melishasha.

She is unlike the other warriors, sweet and kind, and is one of the few who see the victims of the war. She is natural black hair, rare about kelishans, her white eyes are as clear as the moon, and she is taller then most Kelishan females..

I bit my tongue before I curses, i am becoming like a Tekonala at breeding time! i better head off to pray to keep her off my mind.

(that is all for now, sorry ^_^' )

Chapter 3

Part 2: Melisha

As I walk thro the garden i stopped, something wasn't right, the mental link me and my little brother, Shek, was missing. Something wasn't right, I quickly ran thro the garden, my flowing farm piece that was attach to my formal wear was shredded at the end of the run, going thro the brambles. My skin throbbed with pain, and clear blood oozed out of my wounds. I went To the court yard. I had totally forgot I could telaport.

"no." i muttered, there he was, his body limp, what has happen? who would kill him? I tried to go to him, but I was old back by one of the guards "no milady, your father told us to keep you away" he said, not making eye contact "Let me see him" I cried, I did a high side kick, hitting him in the head, I knew I was going to regret this. As I tried to fight off the guards to get to my young brother as healers hoover over his body, I heard my very ticked off Father snarled 'Melisha!" I wince, no one else but him scare me.

"Farther" I begged "please, let me go near him"

"No" he snarled again, and walk to me, and did what i never thought he would do, he backhanded me, I fell to the cold stone ground, barely, able to catch myself, i heard my older brother snickering off near my younger brother body, I felt the blood trickle down my burning cheek. I fight the tears that wanted to be released, he never tried a Kelishan female like they are a lower class, unlike many other Kelishan males, the thought of a female even becoming a warrior was rarely thought of, but a leader?

"Melisha" he said, his white eyes glaring at me "I gave you orders to stay away, i exspet you to follow them" he let loose a growl and stormed off.

"aw" my brother teased "looked like some one lost their place of being fathers Mekasha" *darling pet*

I glared at him, only if there wasn't a crowd...
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tomorrow! and that is only 1/4 of the first chapter, i am doing it in the view of four people, a half-breed, the Royal Warrior cast princess, the Royal Religon cast Prince, and a Lesha ( LE-SHA) some one with no powers
I think it'd be better to let the story tell us about their lifestyle. If it was a book, we wouldn't know.

That's what i think too

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