Kennel cough? Something else?

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    We have a 1 year old blue heeler and an 18 month old bloodhound who live in our fenced backyard together. We bring them in the house and crate them every night. Both had their full puppy series of shots last spring, and it's not quite time for their yearly vaccinations.

    On Friday morning, when I went to let them back outside, I noticed the heeler was "coughing" -- it sounded like she had eaten something and was trying to spit it back up. I let her out with her water and went to work.

    She's still doing it. She doesn't cough at all when she's inside sleeping, but throughout the day as she's walking around or if she gets exciting, she starts 'harking' again and sometimes spits up foamy white spit. I did a quick internet search and it seems like she might have kennel cough? Is that possible, even though she was vaccinated?

    And what should I do - is there anything I can give her at home now to help? I get paid Wednesday morning so I plan on taking her straight to the vet then. In the meantime, should I quarantine her from our bloodhound (who shows no signs)?
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    we adopted our new puppy a month ago- and a week after he came home, he started doing that same thing. He was a rescue puppy from our local shelter....anyways- they said he had Kennel cough from his vaccination probably and to give him the Rx they gave me (antibiotic) + Robitussin expectorant. (We gave him 1/4-1/2 teaspoon as he was 10 lbs then.) Our adult dog started hacking/coughing a week later and he got the same Rx+ Robitussin (2 tsp for his 60 lbs.) They both got over it in 1 week. So I'm not sure if it was kennel cough as I read that it takes 3 weeks to get over it. I'd give the Robitussin either way and call the vet as soon as you can get them there. Good Luck!
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    Try simply calling your vet, they may be able to give you advice and they are really the only ones that can diagnose KC. Good luck.

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