Kennel/Crate Brooder?


Mar 11, 2018
East Central Missouri
My chicks are 3-4 weeks old now and space is getting tight in the tote that I've been using.
Has anyone used a large dog kennel/ crate before? Aside from putting up some wire to keep them in and dogs and cat completely out is there anything else that I should consider doing?
Thanks a bunch!
I have an old dog kennel with a hinged top lid, window (from a front loading washing machine, haha!) at the back, and a ~50x35cm opening on the front that I've used to transition chicks from brooder to coop before, works just fine. I put a strong, fine aviary mesh across the front opening, a couple of roosts inside, padbolts on the top so no predators can open it, and some struts to keep the lid open for when I'm changing feed/water/bedding/just playing with the chicks, etc. I keep it under the house where it's kinda semi-covered/enclosed, and they've been just fine in that for growing out and having their own bed/safe space whilst integrating into the flock and getting more used to being outdoor chickens :) Basically as long as you make sure it's safe from predators, too much exposure, and potentially any other bigger hens that may pick on them it's perfectly okay to have a modified kennel for your 'tweens'. I've also found mine to be extremely handy just to have in the instances where I've needed to isolate a bully, quarantine newbies temporarily, or use it as a fully equipped 'hospital box' for any sick or injured flock members. Just be sure to thoroughly clean it between uses, especially when going from 'newbie quarantine' to 'older chicks' or 'hospital box' to 'bully timeout corner' or whatever - Definitely want to avoid cross contamination.
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