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Mar 24, 2008
When I bought my house, I had a 5 foot chain link fence put around the side and back of my shed. It's L-shaped and to describe runs from front corner of shed 10 feet to edge of property line, 25 feet down to the corner of PL, 22 feet down back of PL and 10 feet back up to the opp. back corner of the shed. We put a hole in the side of the shed, and built an indoor box type kennel for our 3 dogs. Because 2 of my dogs were diggers, I tilled up and dug out the run 9 -12 inches deep, put 12 inch treated boards around the bottom of the shed and the 25 foot side of the kennel. Then filled back in with grade 2 stone (not sharp edged, but not completely rounded either). We now are down to 1 dog, who never goes in there, Sooo my first questions are. 1) If I get some netting to cover the top of the run, can I keep chickens in there, on the stones? 2) the sheds 12 x 15 if I pull the old dog box out what would you suggest as a design for an excessable chicken area. I was thinking of devoting 4 x 15 of it for them. and given the space of the run, also, do you think I could keep 6 to 10 chickens comfortably? Finally the shed/run open up to a fairly large fenced in section where I use to have an inground pool. The fence is a 5 foot black rail. Will the chickens scoot through the rails if I let them out for a couple of hours after work? I wasnt planning on leaving them alone in there, all day, just hoping I could give them some running room/ exercise without having to buy a couple hundred feet of chicken wire to fence in a fence. thanks Ray


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Mar 28, 2007
yes you can do what your wanting todo.but id make the henhouse 6ftw by 15ftl.that will give you enough room to move around in the give you room for 25 chickens max.thats 3.5ft of henhouse pre chicken.


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Apr 8, 2007
I have a chain link run--yours sounds great--just keep in mind that predators like weasel and young possums can sneak through. I thought ti could happen and I watched it happen. I live on Main Street in a small town too..

..;post pics when your done.


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May 23, 2007
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alot of people use chain-link fence (I do beleive they put hardware cloth on also)
I sugest a portion of the run is covered so they can go out in any weather

in adapting the shed to a coop you want to allow 4 square feet per bird & a storage area to keep all your suppies for chickens there

spend some time in the coop design area at the top of the page for ideas (what ever design you pick I suggest making sure it is easy to clean)

as for the rocks I would find a sod farm & buy irregulars (if they have to many seeds or just not perfect they sell DIRT cheap) the chickens will eat this up & you will be left with a nice sheet of dirt over the rocks!

others use sand in their runs

the rocks wouldn't hurt them but, it would be very hard to keep clean!

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