kentucky barred rock enthusiests please


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Sep 17, 2009
hopkins county KY western KY
or at least near us we are in hopkins co. KY west kentucky ( there is still room for you here in KY too ! )
just wanted to connect on line with other folks that raise/breed/just like barred plymouth rocks. we are just beginning with this breed and need to learn lots. one thing was that it is hard to find a true barred rock not looking for show quality but with a normal comb and the right colors and size wouldnt we be pretty close to a true barred rock? would love any information about breed. currently i have 2 girls and a boy will be looking for some young girls soon if close enough to us. you can also email me direct at [email protected] please put barred rock fan or something like that in the subject line please. Thanks and God bless you and yours.

The Heritage Large Fowl thread is here. Barred Rocks get discussed and shown quite a bit on this thread of top breeders. I admit, I also show off a few of my own there once in awhile.

The other good thread is the Heritage Barred Rock Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch thread, where some of the best Barred Rocks were shown. We are blessed to have Frank Reese's line from Good Shepherd.

We breed them in Casey County, KY

Hope that helps,

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