Keys Chicks!


5 Years
Apr 9, 2014
We have owned two hens for a few months but decided to breed with beautiful roosters belonging to a friend! We have beautiful babies that have begun hatching over the past 4 days! Trying to determine what they will look like as adults...

My dark grey hen 'Mother Clucker' is still sitting on 6 eggs and another chick is under her too (midnight black with white tipped wings), but my white hen 'General Tso' is up and moving with her 4 identical chicks and left one egg behind in her nesting box.

This is our first time with chicks are surprised that Mother Clucker's chicks all looked different but General Tso's were the same colorings... Any insight on what they'll look like as adults and why they can look so different?

Welcome to BYC!

I have no idea. BUT....Mother Clucker is adorable! She looks like she is a good momma! Good luck with all your broodies...and enjoy all your spring peeps!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Welcome to our flock and enjoy yours!
Hello :frow And Welcome To BYC! Adorable chicks! No real idea what they will look like as adults, that is one of the fun things about mixes, they are always a surprise!
Welcome to BYC. That's the beauty of cross bred chickens. Due to their varied genetic make up you never know what the chicks will look like or what they will mature into. Sort of like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates.

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