Khaki Campbell eggs for sale


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11 Years
Mar 15, 2008
i am getting over run with these eggs the girls are laying like crazy so here is what im offering 20 eggs $30 including shipping and insurance seems like a good deal to me someone please take them!! i dont need them to set i need no more ducks of this kind lol
Very tempting but I don't need 20 more. I just bought 4 of these little ducklings last week and I am guessing that 3 will be drakes and only 1 hen. The 3 have solid colored heads and beaks and the single one has a 2 tone colored beak and a 2 tone colored head. The 1 also has a slightly shorter beak than the others too. I know everyone says you can't sex them till they are grown and get their tail feathers or till they quack but I have read about the beak size and I'm guessing on the others.
Another co-op here will be getting in some ducklings in May so hopefully by then I will know the sex of these 4 and if I need to get a few more hens then I may have to place a special order with them for about 2 or 3 hens.

dang you are really tempting me! What is the egg hatching length for these? I just put some geese eggs in the bator at my daughters school and duck eggs would be fun too!

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