Khaki campbell & pekin ?'s


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Hey yall! I have 3 ducks about 3 months old. I know the mallard is a girl because of her can I tell if my peking & my khaki campbell are boys or girls? Also, do u think my khaki campbell or mallard will fly away?
Girls will quack loudly, boys will murmur raspily. That is your surest method of telling. Also, drakes will usually (but not always) develop curly feathers at the top of their tail.

The campbells will probably not fly away, but the mallard may. You may need to clip its wings, but someone else with mallards will have to tell you for sure.

Oh, and post pics.
The khaki wont fly far if it can manage to get off the ground. Mine flew like bricks. You MIGHT be able to get away with not clipping the mallard because it will want to be with its flock. Just in case, I would clip one wing anyway.
thanks yall another question. how do you clip wings? I am scared id hurt her. And she is like 2 or 3 months old now. also its really hard to catch them lol
My Mallards are 12 weeks old and fly like crazy.....especially in the coop. They have figured out that if they fly to the waterer when I fill it that they get first dibs over the Pekins and Campbells.
Your mallards will not fly away. it's a small chance they will fly away. As long as they have friends, place to sleep, food, and love they will stay.
ha ha my pekin is also very very very fat and she isnt very old. I was watching them yesterday & I think the mallard is just learning that her wings can make her go off the ground a little, like they said above I seen her kinda half fly over to the waterer to get first dibs yesterday I hope my littel girl stays!

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