Khaki Campbells- will they be laying in the same spot always? Or do I have to go egg hunting everyda


7 Years
Jun 30, 2012
We have one female (with a male companion) and we just found a couple of eggs in her nesting box inside the coop today!
Should I be expecting that she will lay in the same spot or do I need to be hunting for eggs in our property since they are free ranging for a good part of the day (even though there is nothing to range on anymore since our ground is covered in snow)?

Also, egg was poop-covered. Is that to be expected?

(I'm asking because my chickens lay fairly clean eggs)
For the most part, duck eggs are clean if their environment is clean. And, there is always the exception. When my ducks are feeling broody, that nest is pristine. Otherwise there might be some schmootz on them.

Keep on the lookout for eggs. It depends on how they feel, whether they will lay only in the nest or drop them here and there.

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