Kids getting an education!!

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Mar 24, 2009
Salem County, New Jersey
All - I got home yesterday to my wife telling me that our 7 year old said that one of the roos was fighting with a hen. So she had him explain it a little more.

Well the rooster was pecking her on the back of the head and standing on her!!!!!!

Oh my - guess it is time to explain that one.

Anyway still waiting for eggs and now they are trying this out.
If the hens are cooperating with the "fighting" then you shouldn't have much longer to wait for eggs.
I had seen this twice so far within the past week and this was the first time the kids and wife had seen this. I just laughed and asked her how she handled that discussion.

It is the beginning of the birds and bees conversation for the three youngest (9,7 and 4). Fun Fun!!!
Better than having your eleven year explaining to you what was happening. My son was happy to tell me all about it the day after we got our chickens we were given older chickens and rooster. I asked him where he learned this and he said " I just know what is going on". So much for being sheltered and not having cable television to teach them too early.
I have a question regarding this same string. Approximately how long does it take for the rooster 'to do the deed'? I have 16 hens and 3 roosters that are all 11 weeks old. One rooster is really crowing nicely now after about 3 weeks of practicing. This morning he pinned down one of the hens for about 5 seconds. Is that long enough?
Having and raising animals is a wonderful way to teach our children about the birds and bees! Sounds like they are at different ages so be careful not to give to much info to the smaller ones or not enough to the older one! Better to learn that stuff at home than by strangers or friends!
Moved out to our farm when the youngest 2 were in kindegarten and 2nd grade. Has actually been a great way to talk about life/death/reproduction. We have family barn parties when the goats start kidding. I actually think it has been better for them than not having the farm. They are teenagers now, and yes, there have been some truly funny moments!
Well - I guess the education the kids got helped the chickies. I just got a call from my 9 year old son - we have our first egg. I told him to take a pic and I will post when I get it.


Finally they will start to pay me back.

I want to leave work and rush home to check things out but can't. I guess I will have to wait until 5 to get outta here. It is going to be a long day.
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I feel like a new dad sitting in the waiting room in anticipation of seeing your baby for the first time. I got the call at 10:17 am that our first egg was found and I just got the pictures at 1:54 pm.

Well here it is. These pics may not be the best but what can I ask for from 7 and 9 year old excited boys.

She missed the nest box but maybe we can work on that. I have wooden eggs in them.

This one is hard to tell the size of the egg but I had them put it next to a quarter for reference.

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