Kill it Cook it Eat it

I googled it. This is what i found.

Our most common channels:

DIRECTV Channel 358 (Nationwide)

DISH Network Channel 196 (Nationwide)

Comcast Digital Channel 107 (Most cities)
Channel 125 (Dallas & Seattle)

Time Warner Digital Channel 103 (New York City)
Channel 142 (Los Angeles)

AT&T U-Verse Channel 189 (Nationwide)
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Yea... I have time warner here and the show aired last night with 4 different episodes, but it is on here all day today also, repeat of last nights 4 shows all day.
It's not the one that was on in the UK is it? My brother-in-law was part of the audience for the chicken one
I know the deer episode was in Scotland. I think they don`t have an audience. It is just the host and some teens who learn about how thier food is raised,slaughtered, and cooked.Good show ol chap!
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I think if we all had to have a hand in killing, or processing our food, there would be more vegitarians on this earth. I wish I could be one, but alas... I like my meat too well. It doesn't bother me to cut the meat up or process my own chickens, and I do help with working up the deer DH gets, BUT.. I can't kill the animals. I think it would be easier for me to shoot a wild animal however, than to raise one and kill it. Food for thought for sure.

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