kind of a silly question re: Wazine? and eggbound possibility

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    I had orignally posted about this in managing your flock because I thought it was just a poor hygiene issue but now I think it may be worms. My EE (one of the lovely Lennon Sisters, no individual names, can't tell them apart!) had dried poop all over her fluffybutt, so I brought her in yesterday and cleaned her up. Hair drier, she liked it! Thought I would keep her in overnight to make sure she was dry. after getting some great answers to my questions in another thread, I think she has worms because after checking the other fluffybutts, I find that at least four of them have the same poopy butts. I'm taking a composite poop to the vet this afternoon to confirm. My question is this, I know you can't put ACV in water in a galvanized waterer but what about Wazine? and is the dosage 2 T to a gallon? I have 25 in my flock. The EE in question also has a swollen tummy and I was suspecting being eggbound but someone suggested maybe the tummy was swollen due to dried poop? She's kind of old and I'm not even sure if she is still laying but she's not not acting eggbound. She is chowing down when I give her food, not acting lethargic at all and she is in a crate in the tub in my downstairs bathroom. I thought maybe she heard about the special treatment my elderly BO Kate Smith was getting (a whole separate issue which I won't go into here, but I think she is fine but in the house as well) and said "hey, how come she's getting all the gourmet food? (scrambled egg and parrot mash) I deserve some too!" I am so anthropomorphic when it comes to my pets! [​IMG][​IMG]

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    The correct dose of Wazine-34 is 2 teaspoons (7.5 ml) in the water for chickens over 6 weeks.
    It can not be used on metal.

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