Kindest way to put down an injured bird

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    One of our hens got frozen feet. Happened last year, too. Only this hen and she lost her claws. Must have a circulation problem because it was only this bird. The others are ok. Lots of nice fluffy bedding and wide roosts. Anyhow, this year they froze part way up the leg even with all that bedding, etc. I feel just awful. We have thawed her out and keep her in the house, but she has lost one leg and can no longer function. She is miserable. What is the kindest, quickest way to end her life? Considered giving her the cat's amitriptyline but was afraid that would just cause seizures and make her feel worse. Thanks in advance. I feel like a very bad chicken keeper.
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    My vet has put a couple of my chickens to sleep. He gives them gas in the gas mask (nitrus oxide or something I suppose) and they just peacefully fall asleep. Then he gives an injection of the euthanasia meds, which is what stops their heart. I would see if a vet can do this.

    If not, a know someone who puts hers down by breaking their neck. She puts a long pole up beside their neck and head (parallel to the neck) and then pulls the head along the pole very quickly, so the head comes off. I don't have the stomach to do this, and I'm afraid I'd mess up and cause paid, so I will always use a vet.

    I'm so sorry you have to do this. Don't be heard on yourself. There must have been something wrong that blood flow wasn't getting to the feet. Give her extra cuddles and treats, and I know she will know she's loved. Bury her in her favorite spot. <3
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    Buy some engine starter fluid from your local auto parts store. It's sprayable ether. Spray down a few rags or paper towels, really soaking them through. For a small bird, a big zip-lock bag will work. For a larger bird, use a storage tote. Put the ether-soaked towels/rags in the container, then put the bird in and seal up. The ether will put them to sleep. It's a gentle passing, and a lot cheaper than a vet.

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