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Discussion in 'Quail' started by Animalian, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Jun 18, 2011
    They are called king quail in australia but I think they are called button quail in america. The ones where the males have a blue chest, chesnut flanks and black and white stripes on their necks. These ones

    I have had king quail for years, just as pets. I am currently down to my last bird, a hen. The others all died of old age. The trouble is that I'm not sure if she is one of my older birds or one of the chicks I bred that I haven't sold.... I stopped breeding due to study commitments.

    Now I'm done studying I'm thinking of bumping up numbers again and wondering if she could be bred... All my king quail have been good at raising their own chicks and the cocks have even been kind to the chicks. So I would hate to think I've wasted the 'good parenting genes' I had in my flock.

    Anyway my question is, how long do King quail lay for/how many years can they reproduce? Should I just get a cock and maybe another hen and try?
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    Button quail or king quail are monagamous so if you introduce a male to your hen (is she still laying?) you can still breed her. I have many elderlies paired and together. You can get a few pairs and breed them as well just not with your hen. She needs her own mate.
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    To any Aussies here with King Quail.
    Are you quail laying, if so would you be willing to sell your eggs to me.
    I will pay well for the eggs and it doesn't matter how few you have or what colours they are.
    I will also pay for packaging and express postage.
    If you are willing to sell some please pm me and I can arrange payment.
    Thank you

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