kittens matted eyes please HELP!!


8 Years
May 22, 2011
one of the four kittens i have her eyes are matted very badly after everytime i clean them i tried using the cotton swab with water water thats not working its too crusted and i have to pick it off and one eye i made it bleed alittle i think cause it was scabbed over i think but until that time anyone have tips? cause im afraid if i dont stop it from matting she will go blind in her eyes im going to call the shelter and see if they can give her something for free cause im broke after buying the goats milk,baby milk replacer and the baby bottle for them
Warm water and a cotten ball works the best.
See if you can get 1/2cc of penicillian to inject. I found that works the best. Since we raise cattle we always have some on hand just in case and I use that on our barn cats when they get sick or injuried.
make a light solution of warm water and peroxide.Use this to wipe the eyes with.Once you get the eyes clean,use some mineral oil and put a couple of drops in each eye.This will help keep the crust from hardening around the eyes and fur.Wipe the eyes every few hours.See if your vet of feedstore can sell you eye ointment to help if the peroxide water doesnt work enough.

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