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Jul 7, 2007
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My almost three year old cat has a chewing problem. He chews on everything- paper, plastic, random plants, shoestring ends, ME, you name it, he'll chew on it. He really likes to gnaw on my knuckles and fingers. I think he imprinted on the dog when he was a kitten. That or he's just a freak.
He has a houseful of kitty toys, but he doesn't chew on them. Nor does he show any interest in the dog bones. I would love to get him something to really chew on that is more appropriate. I've gotten him cat grass and stuff like that, but he mostly ignores it. Any thoughts?

You might want to also check his mouth and see if you can spot any obvious dental problems. Just like puppies, a cat might chew when something in their mouth is bothering them. They can't very well reach in there with their paws and fix the problem, so chewing is the next best thing.
Hmmm... he already has two dogs and a couple of ferrets to chew on. With the chickens coming in April I'm pretty sure the ark is full around here.

Gritstar, I thought of that, but can't seem to see anything in there. Not that he's terribly cooperative with the looking process.
But other than the random gnawing habit, he acts fine. He has no trouble eating he kibble and never wipes at his face with he paws or anything. Dunno. For a while he was waking me up in the morning wanting to suck on my thumb (almost like he's nursing). He's done that since he was a kitten. Now he licks some, but really wants to mouth my fingers. Usually he chews on them with the back of his mouth, but every now and then he gets me with the sharp front teeth. Owwie!

He's never paid much attention to bones. If cans of tuna came with bones it'd be a different thing, but other than that he's pretty oblivious to meat.

He's spent the day trying to eat a wooden ruler and my metal crochet hook. And the edge of the laptop. All the while he has ignored a house full of kitty toys. Dork.
Have you tried raw bones though? Not the cooked pet store ones? Evern our Persian who woll not eat or touch anything dry gave some attention to raw beef bones.
Like from the butcher or the kind that come from the pet store with meat still attached? I think the grocery store has the same kind- bones with meat attached then wrapped in plastic.

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