KK Celebrates turning 2 with BOB/Group 4

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Redyre Rotties, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Redyre Rotties

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    Jul 8, 2009
    North Carolina, USA
    Today at the Moore County Kennel Club dog show in Pinehurst, NC, under Michelle Billings, KK went BOB (over the #9 ranked Rottweiler, also a *****), and then on to a Group 4 in a very strong working Group.


    In the last 2 weeks, she has gone BOB over the #2 ranked Rottweiler, made the cut to 6 dogs, being the ONLY one among them not ranked in the top 20 of her breed, and then BOB over the #2 dog, and on to this Group 4.

    I am so proud of my KK. Mrs. Billings stated to us in the Breed ring that these were 2 of the nicest bitches she has ever seen, and that it was a tough decision on which one to put Breed and which one to put Select. I have never seen GCH Kinjack's Back to the Future before, she is indeed very nice.

    Katie showed VERY well in spite of the heat, never let down on me for a second!


    KK turned 2 this past Wednesday, and this is a pretty nice birthday present. We are looking forward to tomorrow!
  2. Chickenfan4life

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    Aug 28, 2012
    Planet No
    Whoo-hoo! Yay, KK! [​IMG]Congrats on you're win!!! [​IMG]
  3. apbgv

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    Jan 13, 2007
    Congrats, I love showing to Michelle Billings, she picks the dogs not the handlers. Well congrats again[​IMG]
  4. FlaRocky

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    Congratulations to both of you..... KK, Happy Birthday Girl......

    You have worked so hard with your breeding program. You are getting your rewards and blessings for all your hard work and devotion to the Rottweiler Breed.


    Ride the Glide.....Got Gait.....I Do.....
  5. Redyre Rotties

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    Jul 8, 2009
    North Carolina, USA
  6. Rusty Hills Farm

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    Apr 3, 2008
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    Gee, I missed a lot this last month. Been on the injured list since September 10 and I think this is my first time back. Just gotta say "our" Katie girl is looking fantastic! Happy Birthday, sweetie!


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