Kleos ducklings 4 weeks

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Kleonaptra, Nov 7, 2014.

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    I only took these pics 2 days ago and already they seem bigger! Today they are exactly 4 weeks old and my new set of eggs in the bator are exactly 12 days old, I plan to candle tomorrow. This will be my last set in the bator for this season, already with these guys my flock is at 12 ducks!

    My scovy Regina has gone broody on 7 eggs. Im not letting her have any more. They arent all hers, some are from the pekins, she's a nest stealer, but thats fine, because the pekins dont sit as well as her. She usually loses interest before hatch day, but maybe seeing the ducklings has helped her out? We will soon find out I guess!
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    They are adorable ducklings. look forward to seeing new babies when they hatch.
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    Thankyou Ma'm... Im still not convinced this was not some kind of fluke. I waited so long, tried so hard, and this just all seemed to happen so easily...I cant imagine I could have the same luck again. Although, I did say, after 7 long years of waiting and wishing, you watch. Everything in the bator will hatch, and all my girls will sit! Its not quite that full on, but if I get more from the bator as well as from my broody scovy, it will be a bit like duckling overload. Not that Im complaining.

    Little Stormy just doesnt seem to grow. Adult feathers are coming in, but its still a micro duck. The pekin baby has the softest feathers coming in, her moms are so rough but hers are like silk.

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