Knowing when to let em set...


10 Years
Nov 23, 2009
Northeast Ohio
Here's the hypothetical question: suppose I want to let my hen/s raise a clutch. How do I know when a hen's gettin' ready to go broody so I don't keep picking up her eggs every day?

This is still hypothetical because we don't have a rooster... I've just always wondered...
Your hen will still be in the nest box when you go to gather eggs. She will still be there after you come home from work. She will sleep there and still be there in the morning.

If you have a broody hen maybe some one you know can give you some fertile eggs. My friend where I work is bringing me a few for my silkie hen to hatch. He will also take my extra chicks and any roosters too. What a great friend.
Thanks guys. So, until/unless we have fertile eggs we want to leave under her, it won't be a problem to keep collecting them daily? We won't "damage her psyche" or anything? Ours are young pullets and none have gone broody yet... just preparing for the day it happens. Plus my pipedream about a hen raising her own batch of kids.

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