Kristoff is Frozen

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    We have had quite the cold one up here in the Endless Mountains region. Because of this our sweet rooster has suffered frost bite to both his feet. One foot is curled and slowly turning black. The other has toes starting to turn black and unnaturally yellow. He's such a sweet boy and we do not want to cull him. He seems happy (he's in the warm basement with the coal stove) and eats like a pig. He gets clean water all day. He doesn't move much but every now and again he hop/flaps himself to a new location in his hay lined crate. We recently named him Kristoff after the character from Frozen, because of the whole frostbitten toes thing.Some family members insist on "putting him out of his misery" but he isn't miserable yet. Should we hold out for spring or just end it now?
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    Sorry about Kristoff, unfortunately it sounds like he has lost one entire foot and most, if not all, of the other? There are a couple of threads where people have keep birds like that as pets, usually house pets, thread on one with links to other threads

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