KUDOS to a member of BYC for helping...


6 Years
Feb 16, 2013
Not sure if this is where to put this but "Grammi" from the Michigan thread brought over her hubby and son to put the roof-deck on the highly slanted rafters I had to get someone to help with after I hurt myself too many times. I did the lower frame, lower osb walls and flooring myself but my disabilities stopped me from doing more.

When Grammi heard of the problem I was having and that I could not afford to hire a builder she volunteered to come from over an hour away to help!!! And they would not let me pay them ANYTHING! I wanted to at least give them gas money but I couldn't get them to take anything but eat a few bites of Stouffers Lasagna with me and a cup of coffee.

So I don't know how to give a "helpful award" on this forum. Soooooo Moderators can you put this in the right place and nominate for me???????

I was needing help and they barely LET ME help!!! So their reputation excels everything in my book. ;)

Now I only need to get the hardware screen stretched across the open air front, upper back sides boards on, the roll shingle and window in upper area and it will be secure from weather and predators!!! :)

Thankyou forum member "Grammi"!!!!!!!!

I have slow dial up but am uploading a photo up to Photobucket and will update here with the link once I get them in my album. Probably have them up tomorrow afternoon.

I am helping with food donation intake for Caring Place in the morning. We are a distribution center for the County. We buy from the Food Bank, take unsellabe donations from Walmart and take in donations and then give boxes of groceries to families in need. Usually around 200 - 275 families per month. Plus a section for them to come get clothing.

Sorry long winded as to why photos won't be up until prob tomorrow. Dial up takes hours to upload and I will be gone in morning. So monitors can take out last paragraph if they need to.

Just soooooo excited and geeked that Grammi came down!!!! :lol: :weee
Well done by Grammi and her family. There are still lots of GOOD folks in this world.
:weee Thanks to "Grammi" and family the coop progress is updated to this:

http://i1096.photobucket.com/albums...cken coop build/th_piecedpart_zpsf2067033.jpg


http://i1096.photobucket.com/albums...op build/th_Helpingnewfriends_zps4f030954.jpg

The crappy looking front part I did and lower walls etc but the back roof rafter cover was all them!!!!!

I had to sleep today after Caring Place work so didn't get more done but I feel like it may get enclosed by winter now..... thanks to them!!! ;)
This is a wonderful example of what goes around, comes around. You give of your time and heart to help others and look what happened! How wonderful of Grammi and her family to come help you. Yes, they certainly deserve a pat on the back and a big hug for this!

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