12 Years
Feb 2, 2008
Glen Rock, PA
Hey folks, just wanted to give a huge KUDOS to Carla (okcalrad) I received my Spitzhauben eggs the other day with some extras (THANKS) and they were packaged so wonderfully. All made it in perfect shape!
Thanks Carla. I truley appreciate you sharing this wonderful breed with me.

Me too had gotten some hatching eggs....12 hatched out of 16. I could have gotten two more chicks but they died in shell and didnt finish unzipping...

They are awesome! BIG chicks too! Ideal Spitz chicks are tiny compare of CarlasOK chicks...they were only five days between them and it was a BIG notice in size.

I can not wait to see how many will be pullets and how many are cockerals. I am excited to get some of Carla in TX eggs and some of Debra's eggs too. At least they got the foundation Spitz, the "real" ones from the original flock that was imported...well, they were hatching eggs when they got here LOL!
Thank you for the praise! I'm so happy to find good homes for these eggs!
Especially happy when they hatch & become the beautiful sweet birds they deserve to be!

It's so nice to share! Ya'll made my day!
Wow, Carla, I feel really special now to have any of your hen's eggs in my bator! Its only been a week but they are all developing. Thanks!
Yes you are right your chicks got personality plus while Ideal chicks were ho hum and so indifferent about everything.

Now I must ask those chicks to HURRY UP and grow up to be beautiful birds!

Carla, can you post your pics of your Spitz in here???
I suppose you need a free account at photobucket or something like that. Or you can link to your website?
I have yet to post any pics either.

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