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I posted this for the Staff, but I think I should put it here, too. Went to visit my 88 yr old father yesterday. Takes at least 2.5 hours to get there. No problems. Coming back, we made it the juncture of two highways and were in the left turn lane at the light when the car died and refused to start again. This is the car that just had the intake manifold fixed and a tune up ($500), an oil change and body work (old lady driving monster truck pulled into the parking space next to me at Walmart and rubbed the rear quarter panel.). This car has never given me any trouble till now-it's a 96 Lumina with 118K miles on it that I've had for 9 years. We had the A/C charged and though it's running now, till the freon runs out again, at least the compressor is shot. we're told.

So, it's almost 90 degrees, I have my pointer/lab dog with me and the car won't start. Turns over but won't catch. Several folks stopped to help, one of them an off-duty deputy from another county and a mechanic. Mechanic couldn't figure out what the heck was wrong, except maybe the fuel pump. Deputy let me use his cell phone to call my neighbor, who, bless her heart, drove an hour to get us. Same deputy called a local cop to come watch out for us, all the while, saying he hated to leave us there (he was on his way out for his anniversary dinner). Local traffic cop stayed with us over an hour (well, almost two hours) till Charlotte arrived and called the local towing company the police dept uses. He was happy for my poor overheated 70 lb dog to sit in his airconditioned car with me while we waited. Him calling that tow company they use saved us a ton because the tow driver charged only $50 instead of his usual $129 to tow it to a local car repair place, which he highly recommended as being honest and fair. Several others stopped and offered water or for us to use their cellphones, so I was very touched at all the very helpful folks I met today on the road.

So, my car is somewhere an hour from me. I have a Dr appt and must mail hatching eggs Monday morning plus have to go see how much more this repair will set me back and drive all that way back to get it, if they are finished with the repair. I was worried sick that I wouldn't make it home in time to lock up my birds tonight, but we did. I'm was so bushed, I just wanted to curl up with my library books and pass out reading, which I did. My dog is sleeping it off today, all that excitement of strangers, strange vehicles and her first experience as part of the K9 unit, LOL.

Today, I am further impressed with the first officer who stopped to help, the off-duty one from another county on his anniversary dinner. This really touched me and my DH. He looked up the number I dialed from his cell when I called my neighbor to come pick us up. He said he and his wife were sitting and wondering if we were okay, if we made it home allright, and didn't have our name or phone. We had just been waiting till later this morning to call the Union County sheriff's office to see if we could track him down to thank him for calling the other officer for us. My neighbor gave us the number he dialed from and we were able to talk to him and thank him again. Such a nice man! So, kudos to the fine police officers of Union and Dawson Counties! Many thanks!
What a wonderful story! See, if we look hard enough, there are really good people still in this world! Thanks so much for sharing. You were right to post it here for all of us! Glad that you are okay. Sure do know about car repair bills, and my hubby is a mechanic! Best of luck.
Oh thank heavens. It amazes me how constantly someone can reinforce my faith in humanity. well done and I am glad you, Tom and the fur baby made it home safely.
That's awesome.
I wish there were more caring people in the world.
Truly selfless people are becoming more rare as time goes by.
I'm glad you made it home alright, good luck on the car bill.
If I lived closer to you, I'd be glad to help you out
Cynthia, I am so glad you and your dog were helped out.
Thanks too for letting me know. It's very hard to read some of the cop complaints when you live with one who would have done the same thing to help someone and has on many occasions (as have his fellow officers).

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