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    Mar 11, 2017
    I recently come across 2 lab incubators that where not being used and they where given to me. I have been looking to make my own out of a mini fridge but I ran across these and I think they would work but not sure. Also what to do about humidity if it will work? The only down side I see is the controls are located inside but if it holds temp ok should be fine. I was thinking about also putting a glass on the door so you could see inside. Any help and/or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    Product Description Undercounter unit is equipped with a high and a low temperature safety thermostat as a backup to the primary control thermostat. Features sheathed heater, forced air circulation with built-in duct system, and plastic drip pan. Dial thermometer gauge on door. Positive vinyl door gasket seals door tightly to maintain chamber environment. Steel construction with acrylic exterior and ABS plastic interior. Foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation.
    Temperature Range: 5 to 50C (41 to 122F)
    Temperature Stability: +/- 1.5C
    Temperature Uniformity: +/-0.5C
    Temperature Control: +/-0.5C
    Capacity: 78 B.O.D. bottles
    Volume: 4.6 cubic feet
    Number of Shelves: 2 adjustable; 3 in door

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    Mar 12, 2017
    I had to use a home made incubator once. The most important things (in my mind) were the heat lamp, the humidity, and remembering to turn the eggs over every few hours. I'm not sure if this works but I simply used a spray bottle every few hours. I would do some research about it. Good - luck
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