Lacey the Light Sussex chick has really weird wing feathers!


8 Years
May 16, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
Are these normal? ALl the other chicks (different breeds) have wing feathers that grow in the same direction all nice and even, but Lacey's look like she's been ruffled the wrong way and got stuck there! She's just on 3 weeks old.




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I'm new to chickens so my advice is iffy but when I got my geese 5 years ago I was warned about a condition called "anglewing" that is caused by to much protien in their diet. When I read up on it that is what the condition looked like. I'm not sure if chickens can get anglewing but you might do a search for it and see if that is what it is. Also some breeds of chicken carry a frizzle gene that makes them ruffley looking. Could this be the case
Thanks for those ideas... I've checked both and it doesn't seem that angelwings is something chickens get, and I can't find a single reference to light sussex with a frizzle gene, and all teh pics of frizzle chicks have feathered feet and the only white ones are cochin frizzles which don't have any black on them at all (Lacey has a few black spots on her feathers).

I'm stumped. Maybe it's just a random thing that will sort itself out as they grow?
I have a frizzle rooster that looked just like that - he's all white with black specks - when he was given to me, I was told he was a buff orpington because he was YELLOW when he hatched, then turned white and frizzled out
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