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Nov 30, 2015
Earleville, MD.
I am new to raising chickens (got my 4hens beginning of summer). I have 2buffs, 1 red & 1 Leghorn. They went through fall molt. I added plenty of protein to their diet and they recovered nicely. I winterized the coop for drafts and add clean water daily. They are pretty much free range and I see no signs of stress. I have a heater that keeps the water from freezing but after reading up I do not want to add artificial light/heat.I am perplexed about the total lack of eggs(since molt). Is this normal or should I be worried. They are all about 4years old.I can live with no eggs I just want them to be healthy. They have become more like pets.
Most chickens will slow down or stop egg production during winter. The reason being is their laying cycles are triggered by the amount of daily sunlight.

There are a couple of things you can do to get eggs in winter. One would be to supplement daylight by lighting their coop. You'll want to give them approximately a 14 hour day. Never run the light 24/7. Since we're already so far into the cool season, you'll want to slowly increase the day an hour or two over time rather than just turning it on.

The 2nd thing you can do, if you want to maintain a larger flock, is to cull and refresh your flock a certain amount each year. Pullets who are born in spring will lay through their first winter.

That is normal, my hens (I have 17) lay 0-6 eggs in the winter. I wouldn't be worried.

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