Ladies and Gentlemen... Lookies what I got!


The Odd One
11 Years
Apr 7, 2011
Montgomery, Alabama
I just got my first bator and I am so, so excited!
It's about time I got addicted to hatching.
This is my very late birthday present from my brother and sil. My dad and I had to MAKE and extension cord for it, but all is well and in two days we should be ready for the eggs.


I think that some of my eggs may not hatch. I'm pushing it with them. I have fresh ones in there too from the last few days. If things go wrong with this hatch I'll still have chicks. A friend is hatching a dozen for us and they're due on the 6th.
I just hatched some rare lavender orpington chicks on my second try in my still air incubator the second time worked better probably because i bought an egg it is kinda expensive but the reward is great!
I'm having to remind myself to stay away from the bator.
I'm not opening it, I just keep looking in at the thermometer. Good thing I have stuff to do to keep me busy. I have to build a brooder and then build a new coop and run for when we get RIRs.
Gratz on the new 'bator!!!!! How exciting! I'm counting the hours until tomorrow when UPS is supposed to deliver my new (and first ever) incubator -- also a Hovabator! Maybe we'll be hatching together soon!

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