Ladies get a new man. Roo's replacement needs a name.

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    Well, I thought it was time to get the ladies at new man. The eggs in the incubator were duds and something happened to Roo, Jr.

    The hens egg production has been slow and very bleh. So we looked on craigslist for a few days. We saw an add for Free Roosters, and over 10 of them! We gave them a call and they said "We have a Black Australorp, 2 mixed roosters, a bantam rooster, Barred Rocks, and a red rooster." My mother called them back and told them we want the Black Australorp Rooster. Since, we had an Australorp hen already. We go to go get him, and the poor couple had someone roosters most were bald on the butt. And they were running loose as well. So here he is! And the hens egg production has increased over night. He also respects a humans space and goes to the run when we gather eggs. He was hatched in February! Click the images for a bigger view. :)


    Also, we are looking for names for him? Thinking maybe something like Cornelius or Colonel?
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    I'd call him The General. He's a handsome fella!
  3. Thank you! I love him. I was thinking about getting a barred rock, but the man said he had one that would attack people. And he didn't know which one, I was like nope none of them. lol

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