Ladies in waiting!

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    Here are the girls, 9 white barred rock and 9 golden orbs pecking at some scratch feed for photo opportunities.


    The ladies always come to the fence whenever they think you must have a treat for them...we do feed a lot of melon rinds and other edible compost to them at times. Their favorite dusting spot is under the boat and the adjacent banana trees, coop visible in the right rear. Pictures of coop posted in the proper area on this site.


    And another shot.


    Their total free run area is 100x100 fenced. They will generally stay around the coop during the day but venture out about 3 pm or so to investigate the barn and yard for bugs and such like.
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    Aug 2, 2009
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    We dont see many chickens paired w/ banana trees and boats on this site- thanks for sharing.

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