Ladies won't go in the coop

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    Hope I'm posting in the right place.
    My old man thinks Im crazy... but oh well..
    We have 3- 10 week old chicks. A golden buff, Wyndotte and Buckeye. They have been living outside for 2 going on 3 weeks. every night with out fail they go into the coop. The last 2 nights they stand in the run squawking and not going in? checked the coop everything seems fine in there.
    Any tips
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    May 23, 2016
    I put a light in the coop (a battery operated lantern actually) at dusk. They were drawn to the light like moths. But I do t know why yours started, but then stopped going in
  3. How is the ventilation in the coop? Is it warm in there?
    Is the sun going down? Do you put them in at the same time every night???

    Lots of reasons why they are holding back.....
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    Chickens can be fickle.
    Is their food/water in the coop?
    Do they go in and out of coop during the day?
    I'd just grab them and toss them inside if they are not going in at the usual time,
    sometimes they need a little 'encouragement'.

    Do they seem upset/scared...or are they just staying up late catching bugs?
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