Lakenvelder Colors?


Feb 7, 2020
Yeah, i wondered about speckled sussex on one of them and compared to the golden laced polish i was thinking something gold too. Of of they are either of those breeds still, i wont be so dissappointed anymore, because they were on my list for adding ro my flock still. But I'm really needing the white layers added to my flock so the goal was for getting those today.😥
I'm still off I think as the comb is wrong, but the one on the right looks a bit like a BLRW (black version) it looks a bit "bluish" on the chest.


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Mar 3, 2017
Newton, Ia
Leg color looks very wrong too. I'm puzzled. What breeds do you have?
These 4 are suppose to be lakenvelder, polish, and crested breeds.
But i have been building my laying flock up into a mixed flock of rare breeds all color variations and all egg laying colors. Because my 16 adult hens arent keeping up with my egg buisness demand.
So I have several breeds in either, sets, pairs, or individuals depending on what the store had available at the time I was there. and have to purchase in minimum of 4, so some breeds i more then needed of, and I may decide to rehome any of those that I ended up with more than 2 of. Once all their adult feathers are in and I know for sure.
Black majesty maran
Cuckoo maran
Buff brahma
Columbian wyandotte
Silver wyandotte
Blue laced red wyandotte
Jersey Giant
Golden comet
Ameracauna aka E.E.
Sapphire Olive Egger
Sapphire splash
Sapphire Gem
Asian Black
Salmon faverolle
Calico princess
Cinnamon queen
Speckled Sussex
Starlight green egger
Appenzeller Spitzhauben
Buff laced Polish
Buff orpington
Prairie bluebell egger
I have 1 or 2 other mystery chicks too.
I also raise ducks and lost my whole paddle of 9 to a mink. So just got 15 new ones and have plans to get a few other breeds to add to them too.
I have so much fun learning about all the different breeds new and old and watching them ebolve into adults. I plan to start adding a breeding program to my egg buisness aswell and sell my chicks, from an hatchery free environment.
So if any of you wonder why i have and am wanting so many thats why.🙃
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Feb 7, 2020
I can't get the picture of my RBLW to upload. But they look completely different then this. They are more yellow and red tinted.
Maybe just yours are splash or something? I don't think that's what these are, they have straight combs. Can you help, @Gray Farms ? Thanks in advance. I'm lost on these. They look familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.

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