lame chicken


5 Years
Apr 1, 2014
I have a Rhode Island pullet who has recently become lame. She is unable to use her right leg but is otherwise in good form. When she goes to stand up she's unable to put any weight on her right leg and uses her wing for balance. I don't think the leg is dislocated as I work as a veterinary nurse and am familiar with dislocations in cats and dogs. However I am less familiar with avian medicine as are the vets whom I work with. hopefully someone can help me and my chicken. many thanks.
Oh it is also definitely not bumblefoot As I am familiar with that.
It's possible that she just sprained or strained her leg. Often times, there will be no visible signs of injury if this occurs. Provide supportive care, such as vitamins and electrolytes and preferably keep her away from the other birds in a well-bedded area. If it's an injury, it should heal eventually.

Another possible cause is Marek's Disease. It often begins with the paralysis of a leg, or a wing, and progresses slowly. It is most common in young birds, but can happen at any age. Here is a good link with information on Marek's: The Great Big Giant Marek's Disease FAQ

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