Land problem can you help?

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    Feb 28, 2009
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    Well four years ago we bought some property that borders a creek. It's wooded on three sides including the part that borders the creek. It appears that previous owners have used the back part that borders the creek as a dumping ground. It's quite the mess. It's not level and there are mounds here and there. Lord only knows what all is there, but what I can see is an old Refridgerator , tires , washer, iron mattress frame and broke glass.

    Now I suppose I can get Jesse (hired help 15yrs) to bring the tires to the road and they'd have to be taken to the dump or whereever. It's $2.50 each for the repair shop to take them and I figure about $25 worth or so. But how to get the other junk up and out is beyond me. I can lift this junk and Jesse couldn't do it and it's heavy stuff.

    As for the glass and other junk what can I do? I'm afraid that if I contact the DEC they might decide to come in and do a toxic waste thing and that could cost more than I can afford for sure. Should I contact a landscaper to see what they recommend? I don't really want to clear the land for use but would like it level enough to plant trees and not have to worry about garbage and glass.

    I might be able get Jesse and Paul (other hired help and older) to carry the fridge and washer out, but no way could they clean and level this area out. Who would I call? Landscapers or is there another type person who can do this?

    Any ideas or information?

    Thanks Rancher
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    Oct 13, 2010
    I have spent the past few years cleaning up the stuff my dad "collected" or "saved" on their property.

    If I were you, I would start on one side of the trash zone and work there.

    Glass can get put in boxes and thrown out, maybe in your area they recycled it depending on type.

    Metal is a hot item, people will come pick up free just to haul off and sell for themselves. That includes old refrigerators and other appliances.

    We had to pay $2 a tire, but it was free to drop off old batteries

    Wood I took to the transfer station and they grind it up.

    plastic and trash we slowly hauled out and took to the transfer station or trash cans. Our city haulers will pick up a clean up pile once a year free.

    Tomorrow I hope to hit the big landfill with some of the last of the "treasure" asbestos cement siding (double bagged and permit in hand)

    We have hauled small batches to various haz mat places in the area based on what they we had. I think I have maybe one more trip with stuff and then a dump run or two and....I am done!!! Well the trees keep making more green waste but that is to be expected.

    Good luck! (I should NOT be watching hoarders right
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    You need a backhoe! Call an excavation company
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    I'd have my hired help bring up the big things. (fridge, bed frame, tires..) and have a guy come in with one of those pay loaders and plow it all over...and then bring in new soil to top it off....
    Big bucks to take care of it...
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    Check your paper for ads from people wanting to pick up scrap metal. There's pretty good money in scrap right now and I bet you can find someone who will come get it for free just to be able to haul it for money. As for the glass and smaller things, I'd save my feed bags and just start at one end (or have the guys) and put things in how ever many bags you have. Broken glass can either be recycled if you have a place nearby that takes it or put out with your regular garbage, but it needs to be in small enough pieces to be in bags/boxes. Same with other misc. trash like plastics. See if you can drop them for recycling (free) and if not, then in the trash they go. It will take a while, but you'll be able to get it cleaned up and hopefully for not too much money. As for the tires, you can take them a few at a time (or all at once if you want) to get rid of them or you can use them as planters if you have poor soil. I read a blog where someone cut the sidewalls off and used the rest as stackable planters and grows potatoes in them.
  6. al6517

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    May 13, 2008
    Yes pick up and haul away all the large stuff, call a guy with a tractor and work the soil and level it, stand by to load anything large that pop's up as it's being churned up.
  7. Spookwriter

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    Feb 23, 2010
    Brushhog the area first to get an good general ideal of
    what's there.

    Be aware that metals, old batterys and such are sellable
    items as scrap.

    Gather all tires to one spot. Here, we have a "free tire day"
    every few months.

    Burn what SAFELY burns, and put the rest for the trash man
    or haul it to the dump yourself.

    Then, you can till and sow.

    I've known people to simply use a backhoe and bury it all, but
    generally I consider that as a bad ideal.
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    I just recycled 3 old batteries and an old alternator for $$

    Might want to check for local recycling places that take these items. It will be some work but can be done. We had the same issue here, just not all in one spot. [​IMG]
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    Tell the neighbor how excited you are about all this metal you found on your property and how much money you'll make off of it. Try to mention everything and who you'll contact to pay you for it. Tell him all you have to do is get it up to the front of your property and you think Jesse can do most of it, but he can't start for two weeks and you hope no one else stumbles on the pile because you really need the money...

    and then wait and see if it all disappears in two weeks....
  10. Carols Clucks

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    Oct 13, 2010
    Quote:Great idea!

    We just took a truck load of double bagged asbestos siding to the BIG landfill....Yeee Hawwww just one more haz mat trip for me and I am DONE!

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