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    Feb 5, 2013
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    Our landlord is a very nice man. He seems very busy. We can never get a hold of him and he takes at least a few days to get back to us, even in emergency situations (if he does at all). He hasn't done any of the things he said he would when we moved in (have the house cleaned before we moved in (it was gross), new windows, service the water heater, put in a gate, a lawn, put in a water filter, build raised beds, etc etc etc.) and we don't complain about any of that. We love the house and we love being here. When we applied for the house he said we could get chickens. He was concerned about flies and the smell, but the people who lived here before had chickens in a tiny, muddy plot of the garden area, so I think that it was probably smelly just because it was such a small area. We are planning on a big coop on a trailer and letting the chickens free range during the day. We are hoping this will help with the tick problem, too.

    I got in tried to get in touch with our landlord the other day because he is a contractor and has tons of lumber sitting around out here, and we were wondering if we could have or buy some from him to build the coop. After three days he texted this "will talk about chickens when fix ceiling". First, the ceiling has needed fixed since December, so... who knows when that will happen. Second, "will talk about chickens"? We already ordered them! We bought everything we need for them, my daughter made a countdown chart and wakes up every morning and crosses off the day first thing. It sounds to me like he is going to make stipulations or change his mind about having chickens at all. We wouldn't have even applied for the house if we couldn't get chickens! I'm really nervous.

    Thanks for listening :)
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    Dec 7, 2011
    I wouldn't worry too much about it. If he said you could have chickens before you moved in its a little late to change his mind now. It would be nice if you had it in writing, but he also doesn't have in writing that you can't. Given his idea of timeliness, I don't think I would wait to see if he'll sell you lumber to build a coop though.
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    He could change his mind.As owner he can do anything.I would just get the chickens and deal with it later.Get your own lumber if he is dragging his feet on giving his.Even if he tells you no chickens it sounds like it would take a long time for him to follow through on it.

    You always run the risk of no pets/livestock when you rent,or buy in the wrong place.Hope your next place won't be an issue.

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